The Sun Does Shine in Cleveland

Cleveland is a challenging place. It has lost more than 50 percent of its population in the last few decades. When you arrive at the airport you notice gates sitting empty with no planes to unload. Storefronts downtown are boarded up. Unemployment hovers around 25 percent. The streets seem to have too little traffic. And winter is bleak, long and awfully cold.

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The Harms of Regulation Phobia

Safe food. Seatbelts. Safety on the job. Clean air and water. A functioning financial system. These are all things that we as Americans have come to take for granted in our daily lives. And, though it has become unfashionable to say so, these are all things provided by robust federal regulation.

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A World of Cooperation and Shared Ownership

We hold in our own hands the key to building a sustainable economic future. Literally. By placing responsibility and ownership into the hands of employees globally, we have the ability to mold an economy that benefits us all.

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