Planet Home

Jeffrey Hollender’s newest book, PLANET HOME: Conscious Choices for Cleaning and Greening the World You Care About Most, takes the reader through his/her world nook by nook, covering the non-toxic way to care for absolutely everything in the home with information that is imparted with quick tips, lists, sidebars, and illustrations. The book is co-authored with Alexandra Zissu, author of The Conscious Kitchen.

PLANET HOME addresses the reader’s world nook by nook with quick tips, useful lists, dog-earable sidebars, and helpful illustrations. Hollender goes from the tiniest corner in your closet to your kitchen and kids’ rooms, out to the backyard, and then into the community. From which paper towel to buy to what to make for dinner, from how to choose an insurance company to approaching and involving new neighbors, PLANET HOME offers a practical way to care for absolutely everything in and surrounding the home. With each everyday topic—even something as mundane as cleaning a toilet—Hollender tackles the deeper, concealed issues about our health, our environment, and our commitment to a better world.

Part encyclopedia, part self-help book, and part inspiration from one of our most experienced guides to healthy living, PLANET HOME is the definitive reference for reinventing domestic life.

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The Responsibility Revolution

How the Next Generation of Businesses Will Win

How to create a company that not only sustains, but surpasses-that moves beyond the imperative to be “less bad” and embrace an ethos to be “all good”.

From the Inspired Protagonist and Chairman of Seventh Generation, the country’s leading brand of household products and a pioneering “good company,” comes a one-of-a-kind book for leaders, entrepreneurs, and change agents everywhere. The Responsibility Revolution reveals the smartest ways for companies to build a better future-and hold themselves accountable for the results. Thousands of companies have pledged to act responsibly; very few have proven that they know how. This book will guide them. The Responsibility Revolution presents fresh ideas and actionable strategies to commit your company to a genuine socially and environmentally responsible business and culture, one that not only competes but wins on values.

  • Points the way for innovators and influencers to generate trust by becoming transparent, elicit people’s passion and creativity, turn customers into collaborators, transform critics into allies, rewrite the rules and reinvent business.
  • Shows how to build a socially and environmentally responsible yet genuinely good company and an authentic brand.
  • Drawing on groundbreaking interviews with real-world change leaders, Hollender and Breen present lessons and insights from the “good company” parts of big companies like IBM and eBay, trailblazers like Patagonia and Timberland, and emerging dynamos like Linden Lab and Etsy.

The Responsibility Revolution
equips people with the tactics, models, and mind-sets they need to compete in a world where consumers now demand that companies contribute to the greater good.

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An Introduction to Seventh Generation

You can’t grow your business without growing everyone in your business community. All real possibility and potential begins in our own hearts and minds. Our ability to create real and lasting value, attract and retain the best talent, provide innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems, and build successful business to benefit all stakeholders – starts and ends with the quality of the culture and workplace experience we create for our employees.

Our ability to use the power and potential of business to transform the world into a sustainable, just, and equitable place for all its inhabitants starts with our own consciousness of the role we are willing to play. This is a process that is not for the faint of heart.

Our journey at Seventh Generation is driven by the attempt to answer a question that business is not well-equipped to answer: “What does the world need most that we are uniquely able to provide?”

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Naturally Clean

The Seventh Generation Guide to Safe & Healthy, Non-Toxic Cleaning

Did you know that your favorite cleaner could be making you sick? Compelling evidence now links the chemicals in household products to a whole range of conditions including cancer, asthma, allergies, multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, hormonal disruption, and reproductive and developmental disorders. Yet cleaning products are exempt from the full ingredient disclosure on product labels as required for food and personal care products and enter the marketplace with little or no testing for potential health risks. Naturally Clean explains the dangers of traditional cleaners and provides illuminating statistics that illustrate how the chemicals found in almost every home are known or likely to cause a host of serious health problems. A room-by-room guide provides tips for keeping your home healthier.

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How a Small Group of Pioneers Is Teaching Social Responsibility to Big Business, and Why Big Business Is Listening

Under what conditions can a business hope to deliver consistent financial results, inspire employees, protect the environment, and make the world a better place? The question gets to the heart of a set of fundamental questions: What is the purpose of a business? In what ways does a business create value, and whom does it really serve? Can a business promote social causes and yet remain robust, competitive, and profitable?

Jeffrey Hollender has run Seventh Generation, the world leader in creating environmentally friendly, nontoxic household and personal care products for more than 20 years. That the company’s success continued through the 90′s bubble attests to an unwavering set of principles and behavioral guidelines based on the premise that social responsibility is a viable, vital, and sustainable business strategy.

Outlining seven specific principles of corporate responsibility, What Matters Most shows you how to assess your company’s performance, address rising consumer expectations, honestly communicate your game plan, and embark on a path of long-term growth. For general readers, What Matters Most is bound to fuel the debate over the role of business in society and the limits to which it can drive positive change.

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How to Make the World a Better Place

116 Ways You Can Make a Difference

Think of all the problems in the world, in the city or town where you live, on your own block: pollution, violence, children who can’t read, housebound elderly people, litter in the street, the homeless. If only somebody would do something about these things…Why not you? Why not now?

You don’t need to be a high-profile social activist to effect positive social change. How to Make the World a Better Place, in this updated and expanded edition, shows how just one person can make a difference in solving global, national, and local problems. Whether you’re interested in feeding the hungry, protecting the environment, helping the homeless, or making your community a safer place to live, you’ll find the means to get started in this book.

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