Sustainability — And Marketing To Women –Comes to Condom

Though most condoms are aimed at men, with black or bright red packaging and, in the case of the leading brand, Trojan, a graphic of a Roman warrior, some 40% of condom buyers are women. Read full





Condom Company Markets Condoms to Women by Playing Down The Whole Sex Thing

They’ve finally made a women’s condom. No, not a female condom—it’s a male condom … for women. Read full




UnknownMove Over Trojans, Condoms Appeal to Crunchy Women

We buy our groceries at Whole Foods because we want to know where our produce comes from. Read full




Seventh Generation Founder Wants to Change the World with…Condoms?

Parents almost universally dread talking to their kids about the birds and the bees. Kids, definitely universally, dread it even more. Jeffrey and Meika Hollender, the father-daughter team behind a new fair trade condom start-up, are the exception. Read full






Founder of Vermont’s Seventh Generation Is Making Eco Condoms

Condoms may have macho names like Trojan and Magnum, but some women are now taking the reins, Read full




Condoms with a conscious set for sale

Sustain’s founders say they are on a mission to empower women to take charge of protecting their sexual health. Read full






From Cleaning Supplies To Condoms–the Founder of Seventh Generation’s Late Project

Jeffrey Hollender left Seventh Generation, the green products company he founded, in 2010. It wasn’t a happy split. But now he’s back. Read full





CRA Commercial Intervention

Jeffrey Hollender encourages American business to enter rehab. Read full







Be the Change

Jeffrey Hollender says to vote with your dollars to give a green shout-out to the good guys and a thumbs-down to the ones who don’t get it right. Read full article



What I Read

Executive notes USA Today interviews influential executives weekly for their “What I Read” column. Jeffrey dishes on his 3 favorite books, books he would give as a gift, and more.

How I Did It

Jeffrey Hollender talks with Inc. Magazine about being fired from the company that he started. Read More


The Big Green Buyout

Jeffrey weighs in on the corporate buyouts of smaller, sustainable brands by larger national and multinational brands. Read More

Sustainable living guru’s guide to life

An interview with Jeffrey is featured in the Washington Post. Read full article.

Blog of the day

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An Environmentalist’s Latest Laundry List

Jeffrey sat down with New York Times reporter Laura Holson to talk about the past, present and the future. Read full article.

Triple Bottom Line Entrepreneur

Reporter Danielle Sacks spent a great deal of time getting to know Jeffrey here at Seventh Generation’s headquarters. As a result, she wrote a compelling profile of him and the business. Read full article.

The Green Standard

Seventh Generation’s Jeffrey Hollender on the Green Standard. Read full article.

The Ultimate Power Play

Seventh Generation’s Chief Inspired Protagonist Jeffrey Hollender explores wind turbines as alternative source of energy for his home. Read full article.


With Jeffrey & Chuck In this Grist Q&A with Seventh Generation’s Jeffrey Hollender and new CEO, Chuck Maniscalco, Jeffrey and Chuck discuss the CEO transition, state of the industry and future of Seventh Generation. Read full article.

Re-imagining Consumption

Green Business Conf Jennifer Boulden, co-founder of IdealBite, recaps for the Huffington Post her impressions from the Fortune Green Business Conference. Jeffrey Hollender was one of a group of panelists discussing the need to reimagine consumption, and what that means for business and consumers alike. Read more

Q&A on Walmart

In an interview with Natural Foods Merchandiser, the primary natural products industry trade publication, Jeffrey explains how the naturals industry has influenced Walmart, how his company decided to deal with the giant and what he hopes will come out of the partnership. Read full interview

Management Consulting News

Management Consulting News interviews Jeffrey about making the business case for responsible corporate behavior. Read full interview