Five Reasons Why I Love Greenpeace

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A couple of weeks ago, I finished our annual Board of Directors retreat at the Garrison Center north of New York City. The two days I spent with the staff and other board members reminded me why I love Greenpeace: 1)    We bring corporations to their knees. As they’ve done to hundreds of companies, Greenpeace actions send fear into the hearts of the CEOs’ running the worlds largest corporations. Within days of an action at Proctor & Gamble, the world’s giant personal household and personal care products giant, P&G...

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The Voice of Small Business Is Ringing True

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There is still one thing both sides of the aisle agree on: Small businesses are great for the economy. After all, there are 23 million small businesses in the U.S., accounting for more than half of all American jobs and sales, according to the Small Business Administration. Without them, the economy would be more vulnerable and far less diverse. And both political parties like to trumpet how much they support these job creators.   So how can we make sure we’re doing the right things to support these companies? The answer’s simple: Ask...

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Making Shit Up

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We live in confusing times. Desperate to believe that what we think we know to be true, is in fact, the truth. The alternative is much too scary – but essential. Life is a journey, what is true today may no longer be true tomorrow. We will never know the “whole” truth.   Nathaniel Philbrick, the author of “Bunker Hill: A City, A Siege, A Revolution,” wisely wrote, “The more we can realize that we’re all making it up as we go along and somehow muddling through making ugly mistakes, the better. We’re not destined for...

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Are we still the greatest?

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Maureen Dowd, one of the best Op-Ed writers to ever grace the pages of the New York Times, often strikes at the heart of the American dilemma capturing our current confusion with the precision of a surgeon. On this Fourth of July, in her column, “Who Do We Think We Are?” Dowd tapped into the dilemma of our psyche. “From Katrina to Fallujah, we’re less the Shining City Upon a Hill than the House of Broken Toys.  For the first time perhaps, hope is not as much a characteristic of American feelings.   Are we winners who have...

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Rating America: 16 Things That Need Work

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The World Economic Forum recently released, “The Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013,” that ranks 144 countries, on everything from “Organized Crime,” to the “Quality of Overall Infrastructure,” and the “Protection of Minority Shareholders. “ No. 1 represents the best nation and No. 144 represents the worst nation. America did very poorly almost everywhere other than Gross Domestic Product where we ranked first. This is yet another message about a system that no longer works or at least a system that works well only...

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Wall Street: A Culture of Greed

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23 percent of finance industry insiders say they have observed wrongdoing in their workplace. A new report on financial industry insiders about ethical conduct, suggests that Wall Street’s culture of greed and willful misconduct is as strong today as it ever has been. That’s not just sad, but dangerous for all of us. While I frequently ruminate on the fundamental problems with an economy designed to produce pollution, inequity, ill health and discrimination, increasingly I worry that the absence of a moral compass on an individual level...

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Is Corporate Responsibility Dead? 2.0

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I think I first asked this question in 2009. My answer was – not dead, but dying. Dying because it no longer represented any clearly defined goals. There was a desperate lack of metrics and if you totaled up all the so-called corporate responsibility impacts, we were still headed for disaster. CSR in total may have bought us a few more years to avert a most certain disaster.   Why is CSR dead? Because a handful of leading edge, innovative companies have raised the bar on what we should expect and what may be possible from corporate...

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One in four students contracted a STI during their first year of university!

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Yes, that’s right – one in four! Lucy Miller, writing in The National Student, “Think about your closest group of friends – if there are eight of you, that means two will probably get themselves infected with something nasty sooner rather than later, if they haven’t already. The scariest part is, they might not even know about it.” STIs for 16-24 year olds in the UK – is a demographic that accounts for more than half of all...

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Business Profits Are An Illusion, Based On A Slight Of Hand

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If business stopped externalizing its costs it would stop making money! I’m somewhat obsessed with the concept of “externalities” and “full cost accounting,” the companion concept developed to capture them. “Externalities” are the costs and negative impacts imposed by businesses onto society and the environment that are not paid for by those businesses. Manufacturing puts pollutants in the air that increase public health costs, but the public, not the polluting businesses, picks up the tab. In this way, businesses privatize...

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The Spontaneous Purchase of Unnecessary Things

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I am unreasonably captive to my addiction to excessive comfort, exotic travel, expensive meals, beautiful views, and the spontaneous purchase of unnecessary objects. I also own more sneakers, t-shirts, ties, books, watches and socks than I’ll ever be able to use. How much time and energy do I exert to finance this addiction? Through my past obsession with work, 60, 80, 100 hours a week, working in a way that caused me to miss most sunsets and too many school plays, I achieved the reasonable wealth required to purchase too many unnecessary...

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