Planet Home: living green

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Planet Home is a guide to going green, but this book goes a step further and challenges readers to think deeply about how our actions and purchases are part of a much larger planetary system than we may be aware of. This book was written in 2010, but it is just as, if not more, potent now in 2015. Making ‘green’ the new normal goes beyond the material, and must spur a new consciousness of the environmental impact of any once choice; we must be aware of a larger picture where each choice benefits or harms not only our selves, but affects...

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Isn’t sustainability your job? Why it’s time to be nice at work

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This post first appeared in my new column Inspired Protagonist on A recent New York Times story confirmed my suspicion that the primary reason most employees hate their jobs are lousy managers. Bad managers destroy motivation, passion, interest and curiosity. Bad managers even adversely affect productivity, effectiveness, innovation, growth, teamwork and profitability. But what about the world of sustainable business — we don’t behave...

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We’ve Lost Our Moral Compass

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This post first appeared in my new column Inspired Protagonist on Over the past several years, legal settlements for unethical, fraudulent or criminal activity by the world’s largest financial services firms have exceeded $100 billion. Since the end of 2010, the six major Wall Street banks — JP Morgan, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley — have paid the majority of those fines. Virtually all the large firms said that if...

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Scaling business sustainability: Why be timid?

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This post first appeared in my new column Inspired Protagonist on A report released last year by Ceres and Sustainalytics found that while a few U.S. businesses are exhibiting real sustainability leadership, most companies are taking small, incremental steps to address urgent sustainability issues that stand to adversely affect their financial performance, our planet and the economy. “Given the acceleration of environmental and social...

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8 ways to shape a more sustainable workforce

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This post first appeared in my new column Inspired Protagonist on I’ve spent most of my life, since age 19, starting and running four businesses. I’ve never paid any employee who’s worked for me the minimum wage. While I support an increase of the minimum wage to $15 an hour, I’ve always set what’s known as a “living wage” as the minimum amount I’d pay any employee. That’s despite the fact that as a whole, we in the U.S. have...

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The Trouble with Inequality

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This post first appeared in my new column Inspired Protagonist on The Wall Street bonus pool for last year was roughly double the total earnings of all Americans who worked full time at the federal minimum wage. The New York State Comptroller recently reported that the size of the bonus pool paid to securities industries employees in New York City was $28.5 billion. Dividing this total among 167,800 workers yields an average bonus of $172,860, which seems...

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Net Positive: The Future of Sustainable Business

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This article by Jeffrey Hollender first appeared in Stanford Social Innovation Review, April 29, 2015 Business efforts must become more sustainable and responsible to turn the tide on social inequity and environmental decay. Net positive is a new standard that can help ensure a resilient and regenerative world. “Governments no longer govern the world, or even their little bits of it. The nation state—yes, even America and China—has been usurped as the pre-eminent unit of power. Save for extreme outliers like North Korea, all governments...

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The Best Advice You’ll Ever Get

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Many of you know David Brooks, the reasonably conservative, Republican-ish, op-ed columnist of The New York Times. The first and only time I ever attended a TED conference, Brooks was there, speaking to promote his latest book at the time. I found him arrogant and chauvinistic, confirming my expectations of him. There’s more than enough to read on any given day in the New York Times, and that’s doubly so on Sundays. But several weeks ago, the title of Brooks’ article, “The Moral Bucket List” on the front page of the News in Review...

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Rating Investors

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The tech community has an amazing resource: This website allows entrepreneurs to research, rate, and review venture funds from around the world, providing invaluable information and guidance to entrepreneurs looking to raise critical growth capital. Wow do I wish there was a site that provided that information for the rest of the venture and private equity universe. It might have saved me and countless others from some awfully painful mistakes. lists over 4,000 funds with contact information for...

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Sex And No Common Sense

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We created a national crisis by not investing in birth control and family planning. We often do things that totally defy common sense, and when it comes to sex we’re often outright stupid. Where does this stupidity come from? The sources are many: our discomfort with the subject of sex, our failure to talk openly with our children, and pediatricians failing to do their jobs. Those are the obvious ones, but underneath the surface lies a callous disregard on the part of politicians and public policy leaders for the chaos and their...

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