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Don’t Be in Such a Rush to Get on the Shelf, Says Seventh Generation Founder Jeffrey Hollender

Jeffrey Hollender and Sarah Paiji Yoo tell Inc. Magazine how the direct-to-consumer model may benefit products and brands in the sustainable consumer space.

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How Seventh Generation Became a Powerhouse Brand–With Help From Whole Foods’ Toilet Paper Aisle

Jeffrey Hollender tells Inc. Magazine his thoughts and approach to growing and maintaining a sustainable business.

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The Purpose Series: Becoming A Purpose Driven Brand

Jeff Fromm, Editor at Forbes, interviews Jeffrey about corporate sustainability and his past, present and future ventures.

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Dad-Daughter Duo Raise $2.5M For Condom Company Aimed At Young Women

Forbes profiles the Sustain condoms company in this op-ed.

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Eco-Friendly, Nontoxic and Vegan: It’s a Condom

Jeffrey and Meika Hollender, the father-daughter team behind Sustain condoms, talk with the New York Times about how Sustain condoms are free of nitrosamines, possible carcinogens found in many popular brands.

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How I Did It

Jeffrey Hollender talks with Inc. Magazine about being fired from the company that he started.

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What People Get Wrong About Sustainability (Video)

Jeffrey spoke with Business Insider to discuss the main things people get wrong about ‘going green’.

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An Environmentalist’s Latest Laundry List

Jeffrey sat down with New York Times reporter Laura Holson to talk about the past, present and the future.

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From Cleaning Supplies To Condoms–the Founder of Seventh Generation’s Late Project

Jeffrey Hollender left Seventh Generation, the green products company he founded, in 2010. It wasn’t a happy split. But now he’s back.

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Sustainability — And Marketing To Women – Comes to Condom

Though most condoms are aimed at men, with black or bright red packaging and, in the case of the leading brand, Trojan, a graphic of a Roman warrior, some 40% of condom buyers are women.

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Seventh Generation Founder Wants to Change the World with…Condoms?

Parents almost universally dread talking to their kids about the birds and the bees. Kids, definitely universally, dread it even more. Jeffrey and Meika Hollender, the father-daughter team behind a new fair trade condom start-up, are the exception.

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How I Did It

Jeffrey Hollender talks with Inc. Magazine about being fired from the company that he started.

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Condom Company Markets Condoms to Women by Playing Down The Whole Sex Thing

They’ve finally made a women’s condom. No, not a female condom—it’s a male condom … for women.

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Move Over Trojans, Condoms Appeal to Crunchy Women

We buy our groceries at Whole Foods because we want to know where our produce comes from.

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Founder of Vermont’s Seventh Generation Is Making Eco Condoms

Condoms may have macho names like Trojan and Magnum, but some women are now taking the reins.

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What I Read

Executive notes USA Today interviews influential executives weekly for their “What I Read” column. Jeffrey dishes on his 3 favorite books, books he would give as a gift, and more.

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The Big Green Buyout

Jeffrey weighs in on the corporate buyouts of smaller, sustainable brands by larger national and multinational brands.

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Sustainable living guru’s guide to life

An interview with Jeffrey is featured in the Washington Post.

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13 Ways We Can Fix The “Free Market” So It Works For Regular People, Not Just The Rich

The free market doesn’t exist. The market is governed by many rules, almost of all which don’t benefit workers. But people made the rules, and people can change them.

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Net Positive: The Future of Sustainable Business

Business efforts must become more sustainable and responsible to turn the tide on social inequity and environmental decay. Net positive is a new standard that can help ensure a resilient and regenerative world.

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Leveling the Playing Field

US Federal subsidies encourage waste and incentivize unsustainable business practices.

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The Sun Does Shine in Cleveland

Cleveland is a challenging place. It has lost more than 50 percent of its population in the last few decades. When you arrive at the airport you notice gates sitting empty with no planes to unload. Storefronts downtown are boarded up. Unemployment hovers around 25 percent. The streets seem to have too little traffic. And winter is bleak, long and awfully cold.

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The Harms of Regulation Phobia

Safe food. Seatbelts. Safety on the job. Clean air and water. A functioning financial system. These are all things that we as Americans have come to take for granted in our daily lives. And, though it has become unfashionable to say so, these are all things provided by robust federal regulation.

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A World of Cooperation and Shared Ownership

We hold in our own hands the key to building a sustainable economic future. Literally. By placing responsibility and ownership into the hands of employees globally, we have the ability to mold an economy that benefits us all.

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Seventh Generation: Alan Newman and Jeffrey Hollender

With its eco-friendly paper towels, diapers, and cleansers, Seventh Generation was one of the first—and most successful—green household brands to hit the market. But in the early 1990s, just a few years after it began as a scrappy mail-order catalog, its two founders had a bitter falling out. Alan Newman and Jeffrey Hollender have barely spoken since that time, but they generously agreed to come on the show to talk to Guy about the business they were both passionate about, and the delicate nature of partnership.

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National Public Radio Interview on Entrepreneurism

Jeffrey discusses with Jessica how he has helped to pioneer safer cleaning, from scratch.

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A Force for Good – Part 1

Maverick, Innovator & Changemaker- Jeffrey Hollender former CEO of Seventh Generation and co-Founder of the American Sustainable Business Council has traded in his CEO hat to become a one-man-dynamic force for social and economic change!

A Force for Good – Part 2

Part Two: Small Business is the Engine of the Economy


New Era of Responsibility

In order for a company to be truly sustainable and successful, businesses need to be transparent. They need to talk about, “the good, the bad, and the ugly.” Jeffrey Hollender, Chief Inspired Protagonist at Seventh Generation discusses different examples of successful sustainable, responsible business and what helps make them work.

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The Future of Responsible Business

HMS Speaking on Radical Transparency

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