In Our Every Deliberation book, by Jeffrey HollenderSometimes you think you have something important to say, and before you know whether you can convince anyone in the publishing community that it’s of value, you decide that you’re going to go ahead and write it anyway. That’s how I felt two years ago when I sat down to write, “In Our Every Deliberation, Seventh Generation: The Journey Toward Corporate Consciousness”. The book began as a way to introduce new employees to our culture and mission, but grew to become something much more. It started with a simple idea: I believe that you can’t grow a responsible business without also growing everyone in its community. All possibility and potential begins in our own hearts and minds, and our ability to transform the world into a just, sustainable, and equitable place for all its inhabitants starts with our own consciousness of the role we are willing to play in that work. My experiences at Seventh Generation taught me that developing this consciousness is a process not for the faint of heart. It requires a lot of patience, a lot of honesty, and, perhaps most importantly of all, a lot of mutual support. My new book is a way to provide some of this support. It describes a very personal journey that attempts to answer a question that business is not well designed to answer: What does the world need most that we are uniquely able to provide? This question embraces the vast potential that business has to be a positive force for change rather than simply an engine for the use of capital and the creation of wealth. It’s a question that forces us to explore how we support the development of the new spirits, fresh minds, and different thinking needed to respond to the huge challenges and boundless opportunity now facing our society and our tiny planet. But first we have to ask the question, and I wrote this book to help each of us look for our own answer. In doing so, I hope to inspire a brave new group of business leaders committed to ensuring that business realizes its highest potential and to play a small role in showing others how to develop some of the capabilities and the will needed to get the job done. The possibility of a more just and sustainable future needs everyone’s help if it is to succeed. In exchange, the journey toward it can and will provide the most powerful potential for each of us to enrich our lives and fulfill our dreams. For now, the book is available exclusively through I’d love to hear what you think of it!

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