The Guardian recently posted an interactive dictionary of corporate values and terms to explore what words like ‘authentic’ and ‘green’ actually mean when used to describe companies and products. The company values dictionary defines 8 terms: authentic, ethical, green, honest, renewable, sustainable, transparent, and trustworthy.

Sustain Natural is mentioned as an exemplary company that embodies the corporate value ‘Honest’:

  1. Truthful
  2. Not meant to deceive
  3. Displaying good character

Almost every brand of condom is exclusively malefocused in their marketing, but we’ve faced the facts: nearly half of condom consumers are women. We refuse to ignore this, and strive to make women feel acknowledged by this business, and encouraged to maintain their sexual wellness.

The dictionary also uses the term ‘honest’ as a synonym for a number of the other words defined, like:


  1. Free from deceit
  2. Honest and open
  3. Easy to understand

Sustain discloses every ingredient and chemical that goes in to the manufacturing and make up of each product, and the list can be found on our packaging & website. It’s also easy to get more information about us; our contact information is also on our website.


  1. Honest and dependable
  2. Worthy of one’s confidence

We’re no newcomers to the Green Game. I also founded Seventh Generation, the well known and loved, green household product company, 27 years ago.

Sustain also owns up to the other terms defined in the values dictionary: ethical, green, renewable, and sustainable. We address issues such as climate change, over-population, and economic & gender equality with our products and the way we do business. For example, the rubber latex used in our condoms is sustainably sourced from one of the only fair trade rubber plantations in the world; here the workers are paid a fair wage and they & their children have access to proper housing, medical care, and an education. Another example: we donate 10% of our profits to women’s health organizations that provide people the reproductive healthcare we all need.

At the end of the day, Sustain upholds business practices that make a change for the better in this world, rather than leave it worse off; which defines another company value that should be included in The company values dictionary Vol. 2: Net positive.

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