The secret is out! Companies that give away money are actually more profitable! In fact conscious, values-driven, sustainable companies outperform the market 9 to 1!

The tide has turned. Being values-driven and environmentally friendly is no longer a costly add-on to a standard business strategy. Embedding purpose into your company culture has become essential for businesses of any size seeking success in the 21st Century.

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A global 2014 Nielsen Survey found that more than 50% of people prefer to work for a socially responsible company, say they are willing to spend more for a product or service that supports a cause, and check product packaging to ensure sustainable impact.

How is your company scoring in these areas?

Conscious companies all have something in common:

  • A strong sense of purpose and contribution to society (they love giving money to causes)
  • A team that is drama-free, in synch and highly productive
  • An infectious pride in and commitment to the work they do and the impact they create
  • Highly engaged, loyal and share-happy customers

I have dedicated my life to this work and I can assure you that this is not a fad. Organizations driven by values and purpose are becoming the norm. They are also becoming the most profitable and trusted companies.

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Don’t miss this opportunity! Be a pioneer in this movement! Leave a legacy by building and leading a highly profitable, fun, purposeful, meaningful and sustainable organization.

P.S.: History remembers significant, pivotal moments and those who had the wisdom to recognize them and the foresight to position themselves accordingly. This is one of those moments. Seize it and make some history.


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